Two weeks ago, I wrote this blog, all about having a good mindset before, during, and after competition runs. This week, I thought it would be handy to see and hear an example of analyzing handling errors after the fact.

Here is what I wrote in the blog, “Train, Don’t Complain”:

“How I analyze my runs…

I always start with what went well. It’s my chance to rehearse what I like and what I’d like to see in the future.

Then, I correct any mistakes in my mind. So, when I am visualizing an error, I am seeing it happen how I wanted it to happen, making it clear to myself how I will do it correctly in the future. Exactly how I would instruct a student, “Next time, step with your dog side leg towards the take-off and watch the dog’s eyes for commitment”.

This way, I am analyzing the error, but in a way that benefits me for the future.

If I am not sure how I would correct the error, I write it down with a copy of the map, and I train it the following week. I figure out every possible way I can solve the course situation, and train any relevant skill I might need.”

And here is the video of how I go about “correcting” the error in my mind:


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