At Synergy Dog Sports, we use training methods based on scientific learning principles to teach you how to successfully motivate your dog and capture desired behaviors. By learning to motivate your dog in a variety of ways, you walk away from class knowing your dog trusts you, wants to work with you, and is having a lot of fun playing these games with you!

We strive to create teams that want to compete in a variety of dog sports, and enthusiasm and joy is our #1 priority. Curriculums are set-up to allow each team to learn and grow at their own pace. Homework and additional lessons are tailor-made to meet each teams’ individual needs. Our classes are small, giving the maximum amount of time for lectures, discussion, demos, and training time!

Our goal is to give you not only the skills needed to be kick-butt at a variety of Dog Sports, but also have a stronger relationship with your dog. So that anywhere you go – a family vacation, a walk in the park, or an international agility event, you and your dog trust each other and love working together!


Megan Foster


I have been training in agility nearly my entire life. With more than twenty years of experience, I have had the opportunities to work with hundreds of dogs within a large variety of breeds.

I began my agility journey with an American Eskimo and a Westie. In 1999, I began competing with my first Shetland Sheepdog, Buddy. Buddy’s lesson to me was about connection and bond. While running him, I knew that agility was what I was meant to do.

Buddy’s agility career was cut short due to an injury, but we spent 15 amazing years together as a team!

In 2003, Ty became apart of my life and my agility career took off like a rocket. He was 3-years old and not completely sure of himself, but together, we blossomed into an incredible team, on and off the course!

In 2005, I attended my first National event and took fifth place in the $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase Finals. That same year, I became a USDAA Judge, as a 13-year old Junior Handler. I have competed at the Cynosport World Games twelve times, with eight different dogs. I have also attended the AKC Nationals three times with my border collie, Smack. 

Currently, I have two Border Collies and a Parson Russell Terrier. Smack, 11 years old, is still actively competing, mainly in AKC events. Shock, 8 years old, is semi-retired from agility for health reasons, but enjoys apple collecting and staring in demo videos for online classes. Shrek, 3 years old, is my up and coming agility partner. 

In 2013, I moved to WA state and opened my training school, Synergy Dog Sports that offers in-person group classes, private lessons, seminars, online classes, and video analysis. Over the years of my agility career, I have learned from many of the “greats.” I believe in agility handling and training from the dog’s perspective, and finding ways for agility handlers of all ages to handle intuitively and with efficiency. In 2015, I added mindset training to my agility program, working with Dr. Kathrine McAleese on a regular basis. In 2018, I completed my certification as a OneMind Dogs Coach. In 2019, I joined the staff as an instructor for the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. 

My main goal as a dog trainer is to create happy dogs and happy handlers using positive teaching methods and a high rate of reinforcement on both ends of the leash. 

About Synergy Dog Sports

Committed to providing a supportive learning environment for learners at both ends of the leash, Megan works with each team as individuals, bringing them to the next level no matter which path you choose to take with her: in-person classes, seminars, online classes, or 1-on-1 coaching.