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Megan offers online classes, webinars, and workshops through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.


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Online Coaching Program

I have moved my in-person classes to an online format for the time being, using the Google Classroom platform. I will post content in the four areas of training every two weeks: essential skill, obstacle skill, handling skill, and ring prep skill. Students can choose what they’d like to work on & submit for video review. Auditing & Working Spot options available. Access will be available on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more! 

Loopy Agility Training


Great training happens in loops. Trainers set up their environment so that the wanted behavior is most likely to happen and then when that behavior does happen, a well-placed reinforcer is delivered. After that reinforcer is collected, the loop restarts. We all love watching training sessions that move seamlessly in that loop.

How can we achieve that in agility training? How do we make that happen during sequencing, during coursework, during our regular group class, while training alone? In this presentation, Megan will go over the details to make loopy training a reality. How to choose your loops within coursework, decide which reinforcer works best, how to respond to errors, and how to transport your dog from the end of one repetition to the beginning of another.

Problem behaviors (sniffing, spinning, barking, biting, bar knocking, tunnel sucking, etc) creep in when there are cracks in our loops. When we learn to observe our dog’s behavior surrounding the coursework, we can identify the cracks before those problematic behaviors take over our training.

This presentation is for any agility or dog sport competitor, as clean loops are the goal during any training session of any sport!


Building a Successful Agility Class Curriculum and Format


Do you teach agility classes? Do you find yourself stressed or worried about content, or how you will work with all of the different levels in one class? This webinar will break down all of the components of a successful agility class and help guide instructors towards creating a class that they can be proud of and one that students want to take! The webinar agenda includes:
– setting goals for yourself (as the instructor)
– logistics of the class
– filling class time
– meeting the needs of all students – regardless of their experience level
– creating a supportive learning environment
– determining if it’s working
& so much more!

If you are currently teaching agility, thinking about teaching agility, or a curious student wanting to learn more, then this webinar is for you!



Ask any competitor, from any sport and they will tell you: the difference between good competitors and great competitors is mindset. When it comes down to it, all the technical training in the world will not help you with the ability to focus and get in the zone on the day of the trial. Just like we train our dogs how to focus and stay level-headed in the busy dog show environment, we need to teach ourselves those skills!

This class is for any dog sport competitor, or anyone thinking about competing in dog sports. This class will hone in on what’s important to you and your team as you work through goal setting, competition timelines, boundary setting, dealing with failure, and taking care of your team during competitions.

Throughout the class, students will get to learn about my own mental management journey and work on the skills that I have found most helpful in my competitive career. The best part is, these skills can be generalized to ANY dog sport, and really, any part of life.

If you are standing in the way of your team’s success, this class is for you! If you are ready to rewire your brain for the better, this class is for you!

If you are ready to level up in your sport, this class is for you!

Join me to take a deep dive into why you compete in dog sports and how you can be a better competitor for yourself AND your dog.



The #1 question I get asked at every seminar I teach: “How do I teach my dog to keep bars up?”. Well, you can’t. A dog isn’t in control over keeping a bar up or not. They are however, in control over touching the bar or pieces of the jump, which may or may not cause bars to fall. Semantics, sure, but a mindset that is important for you training!
In this workshop, Megan will address the jumping skills she believes every agility dog needs to be a successful jumper and training plans for building these skills: Desire for jumping, dealing with distractions, training for reality, and responding to errors are all on the agenda.
Working spots will have the opportunity to submit video footage of their jump training and receive feedback from Megan on their progress and potential next steps.


Houston, Weave Got a Problem


In this workshop, Megan will break down common methods of teaching weave poles and discuss the pros and cons of each. Then, she will discuss how she problem-solves common issues that come up in weave pole training. She will also go over how to progress your weave pole training when you are feeling stuck! Students will learn new ways of looking at weave pole training and how to apply the problem-solving methods to their own dogs!
Working students will be instructed to show Megan 90 seconds of their weave pole training, after selecting a specific weave-pole assignment! This workshop can be used for dogs needing help with problem solving, or those looking to add new challenges to their current weave pole training! The working spots are not suited for dogs just starting out, but might be beneficial for their humans, to learn about new ideas for weave training!


Reinforcement Drives Behavior: Teaching & Using Marker Cues


This webinar is for those interested in how to train and apply Marker Cues to your (agility) training!
Megan will present her process for when to have a separate marker cue, how to teach it, proof it, and apply it to a training session.

This webinar will cover the ins and outs of these reinforcer cues & your most common questions regarding them!
-What are they?
-But, how do I teach them?
-Why do I need them? How will they benefit my dog & performance?
-Which marker cues are most beneficial in agility?
-Does a marker cue replace my release cue? Help!
-How do I apply them to the behaviors I’m training? (like startlines, weaving, handling sequences, and contacts!)
-Anticipation of marker cues
-Introducing marker cues to older dogs
& More!

About Synergy Dog Sports

Committed to providing a supportive learning environment for learners at both ends of the leash, Megan works with each team as individuals, bringing them to the next level no matter which path you choose to take with her: in-person classes, seminars, online classes, or 1-on-1 coaching.