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Megan offers online classes, webinars, and workshops through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.


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Online Coaching Program


This online classroom brings Megan’s in-person classes to the virtual world. Megan breaks her training into four key areas: Essential Skills, Handling Skills, Obstacle Skills, and Ring Prep Skills. Content is added on a regular basis, so that whatever level your team is at, there is something for you to be working on! The content should be used as a guide to your training, and Megan’s individualized coaching will progress you as needed!  


Houston, Weave Got a Problem


In this workshop, Megan will break down common methods of teaching weave poles and discuss the pros and cons of each. Then, she will discuss how she problem-solves common issues that come up in weave pole training. She will also go over how to progress your weave pole training when you are feeling stuck! Students will learn new ways of looking at weave pole training and how to apply the problem-solving methods to their own dogs!
Working students will be instructed to show Megan 90 seconds of their weave pole training, after selecting a specific weave-pole assignment! This workshop can be used for dogs needing help with problem solving, or those looking to add new challenges to their current weave pole training! The working spots are not suited for dogs just starting out, but might be beneficial for their humans, to learn about new ideas for weave training!


#meatballfeelings: Creative Uses of Food Rewards

Calling all foodies! Well, I mean foodie dogs, of course! A lot of times, trainers will use toys for easily rewarding at a distance or for increasing arousal, especially in agility. But, what if your dog doesn’t like toys? What if toys create so much conflict for your learner that it’s counterproductive to your training? In this webinar, Megan will go over how she uses food in all the same ways she could use a toy. If you’re feeling like all you ever do is hand your dog a cookie, and would like to add more variety, then this webinar is for you!
Megan’s video examples will be agility-related, but these clever & creative cookie applications can be applied to any type of training session!
Megan will talk about the application of:
Food Robots
Different types of Food Toys
Creating or Lowering Arousal with Food Reinforcers
Dish, Cookie Jars, & Stashing
Comparisons of using Toys vs Food

Agility Handler Mechanics


This class isolates the agility handler’s physical cues, training them without the dog. Class participants will develop an understanding of how dogs respond to our physical cues and how to use those cues more effectively on an agility course. By isolating common movements, we will develop fluency in your communication with the dog. The handler who takes this course will be better prepared to teach their dog the skills necessary to confidently follow their handling.

Students will hone their eye, feet, and upper body cues neutral to any handling system. You will learn about the timing of cues, the position of your cues, and how to reward your dog for following those cues. As the class progresses, students will learn how these isolated movements can be combined to form common handling techniques and how to add the dog to the equation.

This class is appropriate for any level agility handler, including those brand-new to agility. Since we are working without dogs, proper agility equipment and field access are not required. However, if time allows and the student does have access to space & equipment, you may be able to add your dog to some exercises.

Weave Pole Training: Not Your Average 2x2s!


Over the last 20 years in the sport, Megan has trained quite a few dogs how to weave, in quite a number of ways! But recently, she’s been developing different ways of splitting skills and reinforcing the different behaviors required in weaving. All of this has led to this class: Not Your Average 2x2s!

This class begins at the very beginning of weave pole training: building desire for the correct behavior. As you progress through the phases, your dog will learn about all of the different entries, distance skills, and ignoring distractions. Then we will add poles and continue layering in different handler positions, motion, and reinforcers. Once your dog is weaving 4 poles, we will proof through common handling skills around weaves, and get you on the path to 12 poles!

This class is suitable for dogs that have no previous weave experience, or any dog that wants a do-over with their weave training. Dogs should be 15 months or older, since you will be weaving nearly every day during this class. Most of the demo videos will be of a dog that was brand new to weaving (Icelandic Sheepdog) and an 8-year old dog rekindling her love for weaves (border collie).

Students will need access to 2x2s; at least 2 sets (4 poles) or stick in the ground poles (that you’ll have to move a bit through some phases). Access to more poles will be needed if you progress beyond 4 poles during the 6-week term.

About Synergy Dog Sports

Committed to providing a supportive learning environment for learners at both ends of the leash, Megan works with each team as individuals, bringing them to the next level no matter which path you choose to take with her: in-person classes, seminars, online classes, or 1-on-1 coaching.