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Online Coaching Program


This online classroom brings Megan’s in-person classes to the virtual world. Megan breaks her training into four key areas: Essential Skills, Handling Skills, Obstacle Skills, and Ring Prep Skills. Content is added on a regular basis, so that whatever level your team is at, there is something for you to be working on! The content should be used as a guide to your training, and Megan’s individualized coaching will progress you as needed!  

As of September 1, 2020 the online coaching program is closed for registration. Check back in 2021 for updates! 


You've Been Framed: Running Aframe Training

      6-Week Online Course
December 1 – January 11 

This class is for building a clear and confident running aframe performance. Regardless of yourThis class is for building a clear and confident running aframe performance. Regardless of your dog’s aframe experience, you will have the step-by-step process for teaching your dog how to adjust their strides and hit the contact-area consistently. Right from the start, you will add distractions and proofing layers to the behavior, ensuring that your dog can maintain their criteria no matter what the handler is doing.


Loopy Agility Training

    Week Long Workshop 
January 17 – 24, 2021

Great training happens in loops. Trainers set up their environment so that the wanted behavior is most likely to happen and then when that behavior does happen, a well-placed reinforcer is delivered. After that reinforcer is collected, the loop restarts. We all love watching training sessions that move seamlessly in that loop. Loopy training provides clarity and structure for your learner that makes training sessions feel easy and mutually enjoyable for both the learner and the teacher.
How can we achieve that in agility training? How do we make that happen during sequencing, during coursework, during our regular group class, or while training alone? In this workshop, Megan will go over the details to make loopy training a reality. You will learn how to choose your loops within coursework, decide which reinforcer works best, how to respond to errors, and how to transport your dog from the end of one repetition to the beginning of another to keep your training smooth and easy to follow.
Problem behaviors like sniffing, spinning, barking, biting, bar knocking, refusals, and even tunnel sucking creep in when there are cracks in our loops. When we learn to observe our dog’s behavior surrounding the obstacles and coursework, we can identify the cracks before those problematic behaviors take over our training.
In this workshop, students will be given steps to train each piece of the loop and how to put those pieces together in a variety of ways that are critical to loopy agility training. Students will learn how to observe their loops and use that information to make informed decisions about increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the task.
Working spots for this workshop are suitable for agility teams of all levels. You need 2-3 “agility” behaviors. It could be as simple as: stationing, a cone/wing wrap, tunnel, one set of 2x2s, etc. We can create a variety of loops with any behaviors of your choosing! While this presentation will focus on agility, loopy training can be applied to ANY sport or training task – I encourage anyone interested in boosting their training game to sign up!


Smooth Moves: Adding the Dog to Your Agility Handler Mechanics

 This class introduces handling techniques to your dogs, then proofs them and progresses them into short sequences. We will begin with the key skills Megan believes dogs need before sequencing should begin: commitment, keeping commitment, and following the handling. We will also focus on the handler’s ability to see commitment and provide consistent, proactive cues. Next, teams will be introduced to each new technique either on the flat or with one wing and then on one jump. In order to develop balanced focus between the obstacle and handler, students will learn optimal reinforcement strategies to reward the dog for correctly following your handling. You will also learn about using reinforcers to proof these behaviors by using either-or training, Megan’s favorite, to solidify your team’s skills. Going from one jump to sequencing should feel easy and doable, without frustration. This class will show you how that can be done!


This class is perfect for those who have completed Agility Handler Mechanics and are looking to continue their agility training, but also is suitable for any agility team looking to start their sequencing in a systematic way or proof their agility skills. 




Teeter Training: From Trick to Treat!

 This class starts with a trick and ends with a teeter! Teeter training can begin pretty early in a dog’s agility career because it begins with a simple trick: backing up! From this rear end awareness exercise, we will introduce the 4-on behavior onto a wobble board or tippy board, name and proof the behavior, and then start the process of transferring that behavior to a low teeter. Each team will be on their path to a full-height teeter, complete with sequencing and handling skills.


About Synergy Dog Sports

Committed to providing a supportive learning environment for learners at both ends of the leash, Megan works with each team as individuals, bringing them to the next level no matter which path you choose to take with her: in-person classes, seminars, online classes, or 1-on-1 coaching.