Following the Line

These exercises are for practicing your eye movements while following different lines and patterns that we see on course. 

Exercise 4: Follow the Line
Use the image above to visualize sending your dog to a reward. You are in control of how fast your virtual dog moves. The goal is to draw a line with your eyes from the point where your virtual dog begins to where your virtual dog will collect their reward. You are to watch the space just in front of your virtual dog the entire time. Try this with no motion, at a walk, at a jog, and at a run. You get to determine what each of those speeds means to you! 

Exercise 5: Follow the Line with Turns 
The lines can be in any configuration, I'm showing a box here. Move your feet in the way that is most comfortable to you, but keep your eyes on the line! This is developing your ability to move and turn in different directions than where your head/eyes are facing. Use the virtual dog you've been developing to visualize a dog on the line next to you. Can you move parallel to the box when your virtual dog is behind you? What about when the dog is ahead of you?