Handling Skills

with Megan Foster

June 29, 2019

 It’s a Dog’s World ~ Sumner, WA

This workshop is for handlers looking to take their handling to the next level, regardless of their experience level or goals. Megan will set a course (usually with a theme), and train with each team on what they need to train in that moment, on that day. All obstacles may be used, but teams can skip any obstacle; teams should be able to sequence 4-6 obstacles on at least jumps & tunnels. 

(Registration will open May 1)

Who is it for?

Any team that is looking to improve their understanding of course analysis, technique execution and application, connection, and timing on course. 

Working Spot vs. Auditing Spot

While the working spots get to do all the running, auditors have a fantastic opportunity to watch a variety of teams solve different problems, and listen to a variety of explanations from Megan. 

Megan loves questions and encourages auditors to stand with her in the ring to watch all of the action & to take in as much information as possible! 

What will you learn?

Training is always individualized for each learner (human and dog!) but we typically cover:

  • Course Analysis 
  • Technique Application & Execution 
  • Connect – Commit – Cue 
  • Systems for Problem Solving

What does it cost?

Working spots – $130

Working Spots are limited to 16 teams (8 per group)

Auditing Spots – $30/half day or $50/whole day

Auditing Spots are unlimited

Still not sure?

If you have any questions about the content or if this workshop is suitable for your team, feel free to reach out!

Megan: megan@synergydogsports.com

How to Register

Registration will open May 1st. You can sign up & pay online with a credit card by clicking the button below.

(Registration will open May 1)

About Synergy Dog Sports

Committed to providing a supportive learning environment for learners at both ends of the leash, Megan works with each team as individuals, bringing them to the next level no matter which path you choose to take with her: in-person classes, seminars, online classes, or 1-on-1 coaching.