I asked the members of my FaceBook Group , “How do YOU memorize an agility course?”. Through their answers, I have compiled a list of tips & tricks:

1. Learn the Flow

There are lots of different ideas for learning the flow of the course. Some people like using a map of the course while others enjoy watching the course be built. Others will spend a portion of their walk through time finding the numbers and flow of the course. One thing that stood out is that everyone has a unique way of remembering the path *before* they decide how to handle it. This is important from a technical perspective, because you need to know where you're going before you decide how to get there!

2. Remembering the Flow

Members remember the flow of the course by:

  • color of the obstacles
  • name of the obstacles
  • patterns of obstacles
  • backchaining the order
  • name of the handling techniques they'll be using

3. Visualization

Regardless of how someone memorizes the course, visualization was a common factor in many members' strategies. After completing your walk through, standing off to the side of the course, or back at your car, really picturing how your run is going to go in your head. Seeing yourself move through the course with your dog is a valuable piece to remembering the course.

If you are a more verbal learner, try talking it out, to yourself or a friend, or writing it down in a notebook! Going over your plan in great detail is massively helpful in developing a mental picture of your run.

How do YOU memorize agility courses?