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Why Self-Evaluation Matters

What separates good competitors from great ones? I believe one of the dividing factors is the ability to self-critique and adjust their path from there. Filming every training session & competition run and then being able to watch those videos objectively is a...

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What Your Dog Needs Right Now…

Is information.  Whether you are training, competing, or just on a walk with friends, your dog looks to you for answers and for what to do next. I like to plan my training, handling, or outings with my dog as best I can, with pre-planned answers to any of their...

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Megan Foster


I have been training in agility nearly my entire life. With seventeen years of experience, I have had the opportunities to work with hundreds of dogs within a large variety of breeds.

I began my agility journey with an American Eskimo and a Westie. In 1999, I began competing with my first Shetland Sheepdog, Buddy. Buddy’s lesson to me was about connection and bond. While running him, I knew that agility was what I was meant to do.

About Synergy Dog Sports

Committed to providing a supportive learning environment for learners at both ends of the leash, Megan works with each team as individuals, bringing them to the next level no matter which path you choose to take with her: in-person classes, seminars, online classes, or 1-on-1 coaching.