Agility Handling Seminars

with OneMind Dogs Coach Anna Eifert

May 27 – 29, 2019

Argus Ranch (Practice Arena) – Auburn, WA 

Anna works as a full-time agility trainer in her own company in Hungary. Agility has been part of her life since 1999 and she also has a sports background in amateur gymnastics.

As a handler, Anna describes herself as ‘the crazy one’: “I’m the one who runs the Bull Terrier!” She enjoys independent obstacle skills, distance work and unique handling solutions, which she can select herself.

When Anna is coaching, she is almost always smiling, because she loves dogs and she also loves to teach agility. “I’m very patient and precise. I like to make hard courses easy for my students,” Anna says.

Anna thinks all good coaches have a few things in common: “They are patient, they are passionate to teach, help and share knowledge. They are flexible. They can explain very well. They can motivate. They love dogs. They are positive. And they have a great sense of humor.” 

(Registration will open March 11 at 9AM)

Seminar Format

Each day will have a different topic. Sessions are 3.5 hours long. Morning and afternoon sessions will be the same topic, but different courses.  
Morning session: 9:30 – 1pm
Afternoon session: 2:00 – 5:30pm 

Day 1: Coursework! This workshop is for any team looking to take their skill set to the next level. Emphasis on C-C-C, running points, technique application & execution. All obstacles may be used, but you can skip any obstacle that isn’t completely trained. 

Day 2: What is Connection? You know it’s important, but what does it mean? In this workshop, Anna will breakdown where you should be looking throughout a course and how your eye contact effects your dog’s responses. Jumps & tunnels only. 

Day 3: Either-Or Training! Did your dog misread that cue or did you miscue them? Anna will set sequences that test that the dog is following the handling and that handler’s cues are clear and consistent. Jumps & tunnels only. 


Working Spot vs. Auditing Spot

Working spots are limited to 8 dogs per session.

Cost $150/session 

Working teams may audit the other half of the day for no extra charge.

Auditing spots are unlimited.

Cost $60/day, $30/half day

Still not sure?

If you have any questions about the content or if this workshop is suitable for your team, feel free to reach out!


How to Register

Registration will open March 11 at 9AM. You can sign up & pay online with a credit card by clicking the button below.

(Registration will open on March 11 at 9AM)