At Synergy Dog Sports, we love to hear feedback from our students.
Here’s what some of our current students have to say about classes at Synergy Dog Sports…



“Megan Foster is an excellent instructor who knows what she is doing and sees instantly what move has caused your dog to falter.  Or, on the other hand why something works.  Megan is flexible and patient giving each student encouragement and praise.  The dog comes first so she is always encouraging praising the dog.  I have been impressed by the atmosphere and facility.”



“Before joining Synergy Dog Sports, I was struggling with why I was doing agility.  I had lost the joy and the drive and mostly the connection with my dog.  Since training with Megan Foster for the past 2 years I have discovered such passion for the sport, learning not just how to do it better, but why and when.  My timing is constantly getting better, my skills are dramatically improved and my connection with my dog has become everything to me.  All because Megan Foster cares about the dogs and her students.  She pushes us for our best and is patient while we work through to get to our best.”
“Not only am I and my dog learning agility skills but we are learning to have fun with it and ,most importantly, I have learned to enjoy and appreciate my dog and our relationship.”
Current student

Synergy Dog Sports is an amazing agility training program. It caters to all levels all dogs & all handlers. The training tailors to what you and your dog need to become a team. The caring support my dogs & I have been given us unlike anywhere else I have trained. I’ve never fully, wholeheartedly endorsed a training facility until Synergy Dog Sports. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Current student

“I’ve been training at SDS for 1.5 years now. I remember the first time I stepped into Megan’s class as a drop-in. We were welcomed instantly by Megan and the other students. Ever since, I’ve been hooked — privates, seminars, multiple classes. I’ve done it all. Her training program is comprehensive and thoughtful. Megan dedicates herself to learning as much as she dedicates herself to each student and dog. I think her ability to think outside of the box is what really sets her apart, and what I admire most about her as a coach. She meets the individual dog-handler teams where they are at currently and provides innovative ideas for their specific needs. I train my two dogs with Megan, and our approach to each of my dogs is completely different. To me, that says it all.”

Malee, Annie and Brew 

“Megan is the third Agility teacher I have had, and by far
the best. She has a great ability to watch both the dog and the human, and identify areas which need improvement. She is direct and concise in her instructions. She is consistently positive toward the dogs. She has a wonderful balance of intuition, experience, and knowledge of the training system she uses, based on One Mind Dogs.”

Current Student

“My name is Mike Anderson and I’m one of the many lucky people who train with Megan Foster at Synergy Dog Sports.

Megan has an incredible gift for teaching. I’ve seen her work with the very young to the “oldish” and bring out the best in all of us. She does it with a “YES YOU CAN” and a twinkle in her eyes. She’s a part of the cutting edge in training methodologies which is very cool and beneficial to her students and their canine partners. She makes us all feel like family and that we’re all “super” special. I’ve only good things to say about Megan and Synergy Dog Sports. I once told her, “Before my Tuesday night’s class is over I’m already looking forward to next Tuesday.” That’s just how fun she makes it!

Like I said, I’m lucky to be one of her “special” students.”

Mike & Twitch

“I really appreciate Megan’s thoughtful and kind approach to instruction. She has the unique ability to recognize and respond to individual learning styles in a group setting.  Megan has taught me how to handle difficult courses and how to have fun!”


“Working with Megan has been fun and challenging.  She has high expectations for her own dogs and students.  Megan knows the sport inside and out and has developed a program that fits for each of her students’ goals.”


“I had all but given up on agility with my young dog Puck when I decided to give it one more try and Megan happened to have a class opening.  Walking into the arena for the first time I really believed I would just give it the 6 weeks and be done since he showed no interest in this sport.  Then we started class and within two weeks my sniffy, uninterested dog was anxious to play and engage.  Over the next year not only did Puck grow and blossom into a wonderful agility dog but I found I had started to love this sport again due to Megan’s instruction.  She not only demonstrated how to do handling moves but also explained why we were doing them and what the dog was seeing.  Light bulb moments are common in Megan’s classes.  My agility life has changed drastically since that 1st class – I am now a clearer handler, a better team mate and I my mindset is “enjoy the journey”.  Thank you Megan for the last 2 years and I look forward to our next adventures together.”
Debbie Fisher

One of the many things that I appreciate about Megan is her ability to work with any handler and any dog, and to help them achieve whatever goals that team has – no matter how big or how small. (In fact, Megan might say that there really are no small goals…) On a personal level, I have deeply appreciated Megan’s understanding of my learning style and LOVE that she always pushes me to do more than I think I can (or my dogs can) and to embrace challenges. She offers several opportunities for her students to educate themselves throughout the year by bringing in amazing trainers and speakers from all over, and is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, hardest-working people I have ever met. It’s an honor to work with her.

Lisa McCoy

“Positive learning, that’s what Megan is all about!  She helps us through the most technical challenges while making sure to point out what we are doing correctly.  She not only teaches what to do, but explains why it works.  Megan builds confidence in both dog and handler by always being encouraging and celebrating even the smallest successes.”

Current Student


“Megan is not only a very talented agility competitor, but also a first-rate teacher,  Her explanations and demos are clear and effective and she is patient and caring with her human and canine students.”

Current Student