Karen Holik Seminar Sign Up

Registration Opens February 5th, 2016
Due to high demand and limited spots available, this seminar will be first come, first serve through online registration. This online form will be processed first come, first serve. You will receive an e-mail notification from Megan (megan@synergydogsports.com) of your status in the seminar. Once that notification is received, you have one week (7 days) to submit a deposit ($100/day working spots, payment in full for auditing spots) or the next person on the list will be notified. If you have multiple requests, please list them in the order of which you’d like them. Example: “Sunday/Monday, Working spot or Active Auditor”. I will try to fill as many requests as I can. Thank you for your patience and understanding while I process all enrollments.
*Note: There are no active auditor spots on Tuesday

There will be no refunds after March 19th unless your spot can be filled.

Your dog/team must meet the prerequisites of each seminar for your spot to be confirmed.

Please fill out one form per dog: