Upcoming Seminars & Workshops
Date Location Seminar Topic Registration Info
 August 16-17  Fun Fur Paws  Worked Up! w/Sarah Stremming  Registration Closed
 August 19-21  Utah  OneMind Dogs Foundation Training & Techniques 1  Contact Suzie
 September 21-23  Fun Fur Paws  Mind to Win Camp w/Dr. Kathrine McAleese & Megan Foster  Register Here
 October 3-5  Fun Fur Paws OneMind Dogs Coaches Minna Martimo and Rachel Sanders
Foundation, Young Dogs, Technique Training, and Technique Application!
 Coming Soon!
 November 17-19  Fun Fur Paws  OneMind Dogs Coach Anna Eifert and OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach Nicole Levesque!  Coming Soon!


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The skills that I have learned working with Megan and her handling system have given me greater confidence and smoothness in the show ring that have translated into greater successes for my dogs on course. I am now able to see and walk many different options that will work for my dogs during a run. I have also developed an ability to “think on my feet” if things do not go as planned. I credit Megan for teaching me how to read a course for MY dogs and attack each one for the optimum success on the day.Laura Hiatt