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 27-29 December  Fun Fur Paws  OneMind Dogs Leading Coaches Timo & Tuulia Liuhto
Young Dog Camps, Coursework, & Front Cross Mania!
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 20-21 January  Fun Fur Paws  Toy Play & Marker Cues with Shade Whitesel    Opens Dec 21st 
 10-11 March  Fun Fur Paws  The Play Way with Amy Cook  Opens Jan 10th


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The skills that I have learned working with Megan and her handling system have given me greater confidence and smoothness in the show ring that have translated into greater successes for my dogs on course. I am now able to see and walk many different options that will work for my dogs during a run. I have also developed an ability to “think on my feet” if things do not go as planned. I credit Megan for teaching me how to read a course for MY dogs and attack each one for the optimum success on the day.Laura Hiatt