October Class Notes 2015

Week of October 5_DrillsThese are some drills (in addition to some coursework) that we will be working through this week, and can be taken out of their full-course set up and practiced at home in a smaller space.

White Circles: Try a German Turn at #3 and a Tandem Turn at #6.

Black Circles: Which way should you turn over #3? Turn to the inside with a Reverse Wrap + Blind? Turn to the outside with two Front Crosses?

White Squares: Which wing should you go around for #6? Left wing and Run on the Dog’s Line? or, Right wing with a Reverse Wrap?
(We were faced with a similar situation at the Collie Club trial – pictured below – and many chose to go around the left wing and do a Front Cross on the landing side of the jump. I chose to take my dogs around the long route and wrap the right wing. But I know if the sequence was just jumps, I would have gone around the left wing, no question) Trial Situation

Black Squares: How early can you leave after cueing jump #5? Will you stay close to the tunnel/DW discrimination at #6, or will you layer #8 to get in place for a Lap Turn at #7?

Blind Cross Week of October 12_Blind Crosses Week of October 12_Japanese_German_RWB_Flip

I am very much enjoying the OneMind Dogs teachings and information provided on their website. It is been an excellent source of ideas and knowledge that are so closely related to my own thoughts on training and handling. If you are interested in joining the #OMDPack with a premium subscription, click here.

I am interested in teaching you all OMD techniques because it provides a wide range of cue combinations that can be used on a wide range of course challenges and a wide variety of handler and dog teams. It also provides a solid source of terminology that all handlers can come together and discuss, in and out of the classroom setting.

The theories of which I began teaching you all still remain very true – OMD just adds to that and opens up new ideas that I find to be absolutely brilliant additions to my own theories of handling!

Week of October 27

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