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At Synergy Dog Sports, we used training methods based on scientific learning principals to teach you how to successfully motivate your dog and capture desired behaviors. By learning to motivate your dog in a variety of ways, you walk away from class knowing your dog trusts you, wants to work with you, and is having a lot of fun playing these games with you!

We strive to create teams that want to compete in a variety of dog sports, and enthusiasm and joy is our #1 priority. Curriculums are set-up to allow each team to learn and grow at their own pace. Homework and additional lessons are tailor-made to meet each teams’ individual needs. Our classes are small, giving the maximum amount of time for lectures, discussion, demos, and training time!

Our goal is to give you not only the skills needed to be kick-butt at a variety of Dog Sports, but also have a stronger relationship with your dog. So that anywhere you go – a family vacation, a walk in the park, or an international agility event, you and your dog trust each other and love working together!



Our mission is to share the most innovative techniques for dog training, agility, and obedience in a variety of high quality ways. We believe all dogs and their humans are individuals and their learning styles are honored as such. Our energy goes to helping the dog sports community grow and shift the culture towards motivation-based training methods for both the human and the dog. Our training program provides opportunities for instructors to grow their expertise and build their own path for teaching.

At Synergy Dog Sports our training has been shaped by our experiences. Our experiences have lead us to what we believe in today, and our experiences today will shape our practices for tomorrow. Our training methods are based on science, but we view working with animals as an art. We are inspired by OneMind Dogs, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and Mind to Win. At Synergy Dog Sports, we want to give trainers the tools to give their dogs a better life. We try to meet each team where they are and work with them within their own time and financial limits. Our class structure gives people the ability to focus on one or multiple classes at once.

We do not tolerate harsh or unfair behavior towards any dog or human. If you are experiencing a problem you aren’t sure how to solve, please come to us so we can help! Training should be fun and rewarding. We are here to help you work through any struggles!

We have four training levels at Synergy Dog Sports. Within those four levels, we also have three categories of training classes: Essential Skills, Agility Handling, and Agility Obstacle Training.

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In just 4 years, our training program has grown from 1 instructor with 30 students, to 5 instructors with more than 200 students. Here’s why:

  • Motivation-based training that makes sense to dogs
  • OneMind Dogs handling instruction
  • Supportive and ongoing coaching
  • Small group classes to maximize individual training
  • A growing community of like-minded dog trainers
  • Instructors that continue to learn and improve their teaching skills as well as bring new content to their classes

Our program begins with Essential Skills 1; a class all about building a solid working (and stronger personal) relationship with your dog. Our training philosophies are highlighted in this class, so that no matter which instructor you are with, you know how to take care of your dog in a group class setting.


In addition to our group classes, Synergy presents many seminars throughout the year with our own instructors and out-of-town guests!

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Synergy Dog Sports is no longer offering classes at Fun Fur Paws. We appreciate your patience as our training school works to find alternate ways of providing instruction to the PNW dog sport community.

Megan is currently available as a freelance instructor. If you are interested in hosting Megan at your facility, either for group classes, workshops, or seminars, please contact her at: