Mind to Win CAMP 2016

TWO Mind to Win Opportunities!

Thursday, September 15th 2016 – Mind to Win Foundations!

If you are new to Mind to Win or would like a tune-up on your gremlin bashing foundations, this 1-day seminar is for YOU! Registration information can be found HERE

Dogs must be able to complete a full course (if there are obstacles your dog cannot perform – this is OK, you can skip them!) to participate.


Mind to Win Camp: September 22-25th 2016!

The theme of this 3-day camp will be “Generalizing Your Behavior: Trial Bravely!”
This camp is for you if:
– You have trained with Kathrine before
– You find yourself training for the World Championships week after week, but find yourself feeling less brave in competitions
– You struggle with goal setting
– You want to develop more Mind to Win skills
– You want to have a really good time 🙂

The weekend will be broken up into many different “sessions”. Kathrine McAleese AND Megan Foster – putting skills to use in training, and of course, in a trial situation on the 25th! Mind to Win TOURNAMENT! 

Tentative Weekend Agenda: Times are an estimate, be prepared to go with the flow 🙂

Thursday September 22nd
9:00 AM Start Time
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Resume Learning
5:00 PM Finish Time

Friday September 23rd
9:00 AM Start Time
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Resume Learning
5:00 PM Finish Time

Saturday September 24th
*9:00 AM Start Time
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Resume Learning
5:00 PM Finish Time

*Saturday morning is a SPECIAL lecture/group discussion on “Everything You Wish You Knew… before you started competing, before your first big event, etc” This lecture will be open to an additional 15 people. Registration information for this lecture only is HERE

Click HERE for a Registration Form for the full 3 day camp + tournament!

Cost: $650 for a working spot + entries into the tournament
Camp is open to 16 teams. A lottery format will be used if necessary.

Mind to Win Tournament!

Entry Form can be found HERE

Tournament Rules can be found HERE Rules and information will be updated as more planning takes place!

Entering the Triathlon (Agility + Jumping + Speedstakes) $35.00:

Dog’s Name/Jump Height

Entering the Games Challenge (Snooker + Gamblers) $25.00:

Dog’s Name/Jump Height