Hali Hartsock


Hali Hartsock has been involved in the dog training world for over 17 years. When she was 14 she had an energetic Australian Shepherd mix named Annamole Cracker who needed a job, so she found Diana Hoyem and signed up for a Clicker Trick class. She caught the positive training bug and has been training and learning from Diana and others ever since. Her current dog is Wiig, a 6 year old Xoloitzcuintli, pronounced Show-Low-Eats-Queen-Tlee. Roughly translated, it means crazy, naked monster! All naked dog jokes aside, the xolo is the national dog of Mexico and they come in 3 sizes with both a hairless and coated variety. Wiig is a wonderful example of the hairless version of the breed and she has lots of drive and personality. Wiig is trained in agility, rally obedience and TEAM. Though Wiig has tons of skills for both agility and obedience, she struggled coming back from an injury and Hali is now focused on ongoing physical conditioning and training towards rally and TEAM titles. Hali has worked in many aspects of the pet industry, including boarding kennels, an organic dog treat company and a local holistic pet store but as her dog training skills improved she decided to venture into teaching private lessons for people needing help with manners and basic life skills. Now she is excited to apply her teaching and training skills helping agility students and dogs become the best team they can be! Hali attended Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Camp for 2016 and 2017 as well as a number of weekend seminars with Denise Fenzi. She has also attended many One Mind Dog seminars and camps and is a One Mind Dog premium member. Hali is most interested in helping people build engaged, positive relationships with their dogs and keeping dog sports fun for the entire team. She is excited about the opportunity to join the Synergy Dog Sports staff and contribute to a world where there are lots of happy dogs and lots of happy handlers!