Graham Logen

 Graham Logen has been training in agility for 19 years. His first dog, Heidi, taught him about building confidence in dogs. Heidi was known for hiding under the kitchen table and Graham worked very hard to motivate Heidi on course. Since then, Graham has been thriving on making the best of what you have in agility dogs. After Heidi, Graham trained Crackers for his next agility dog. Although not the speediest of Shelties, Crackers qualified for the AKC NAC for several years, opening Graham’s agility career to the big events. Most recently, Graham has been competing with Skittles. Skittles has won Regional Championships, earned her way into National Finals, and won several medals at International Championships over the first 5 years of her career. Graham is known for his ability to improvise on an agility course and “get the job done” no matter the circumstances. His skills as a trainer, handler, and instructor make for a winning combination with himself and his students