ADCh IvyBrook’s Blast of Dinomite AX MXJ TM-G, SAM, JCh-Platinum, RCh-S, SCh-Platinum, GM


*2007 DAM Finalist
*2009 DAM Finalist

In 2003, Ty’s half-sister was bred to a Hi-Mark dog from Florida. There were two puppies left in the litter: a small tri female and a bi-black male. My mother surprised me with the male, which she knew I was in love with of course. Little Dino was such a tyrant. Into everything, bossy, prissy, and always knew what he wanted. He was wicked fast and only ever went that one speed. He qualified for USDAA Nationals his first year of competition and we made DAM Relay Finals that year! He always made everyone stop what they were doing to watch him perform – such a people pleaser. At the age of 5, Dino began having on and off psoas injuries that kept him from ever competing again. A heartbreaking reality that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Dino, of course, is the perfect pet dog: a spoiled princess really! Last year, Dino started having equilibrium and balance problems. Because of the caution we must take with him, he now lives with my sister and niece in Conroe, TX where he can be the spoiled princess that he truly wants to be.