Diana Hoyem

bio pic2 (1)During her early years of training dogs and teaching classes, Diana never felt satisfied with the methods and philosophies behind traditional training. Her continued search for a better approach led Diana to clicker training and that was the first wonderful step in becoming a trainer who understands how to use positive reinforcement, scientific learning principals and operant conditioning to train dogs. Since that time she has attended many seminars, trained with many different trainers and read extensively on topics related to the scientifically correct approach to dog training. Most importantly, she has helped hundreds of people successfully train their dogs.
Due to her interest in training and showing her own dogs, Diana added sport dog training to her training program. She loves to help people train their dogs for performance events using training methods that motivate dogs to want to work and that develop a strong working relationship between handler and dog. Diana teaches Rally, Beginning and Novice obedience and all levels of Agility. She believes training with positive reinforcement creates a better trained dog, a better educated owner and a better relationship between the dog and owner. In addition, she is always training and showing her own dogs and staying current on new ideas and methods, a vital ingredient required in helping others. She has trained and titled her dogs in the areas of obedience, tracking, Schutzhund and agility. Diana currently lives with two wonderful Border collies, Fay and Una and they all play together in various dog sport games!

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Diana currently teaches: Rally Obedience, Pre-Sport Foundations I & II, Obstacle Performance Training, Jumping Skills, and Introduction to Agility Handling