Bits, Tools, and Choices…

I often share with my students, “Shrek can do that, and he knows nothing!”… What I mean is that Shrek only knows lots of “bits”. Even though I practically live at an agility training facility, I do not actually train my dogs all that much or often. By the time my break rolls around, or I get home at night, …

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So Much Brown

Shrek Update: Play, Train, Play!

Shrek is a total rock star at life. It’s been a little too long since your last update, so this one is pretty long. Lots of videos, and lots of just informal “tips” I have with regards to having a puppy. What we’ve been up to… Going to work every – single – day! Including a weekend of seminaring where I …

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IMG 0647 E1454644292755

The Adventures of Shrek: Workin’ Man – Week 1

When raising a puppy, I want to be a big part of their day, keeping them busy physically and mentally, and having the opportunities to expose them to all sorts of new things can be a challenge if I’m teaching all day. I am super impressed to say that the long days were not a challenge for Shrek this week. …

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Day 3 Sexy 15 Weeks

The Adventures of Shrek: Day 3

  So much awesome happened on Day 3, that it requires it’s own blog post… the day after 🙂 I’ve been putting him to bed about an hour before I actually go to bed. This has worked wonderfully, and he’s sleeping all night. Bonus! Potty training: he’s pretty great. He doesn’t totally “ask” to go out, but if you are …

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IMG 0621

The Adventures of Shrek: Days 1 & 2

  If you do not enjoy someone bragging on and on about how brilliant their new puppy is, this is not the blog post for you. If you DO enjoy puppy brags AND enjoy watching some training moments, this could be the blog for you. Carry on. Shrek (Jacks Wild Naughty by Nature) is my new Parson Russell Terrier puppy. …

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USDAA July 5-6 Trial Information

Below are links to the running order and trial information. SDS USDAA July 5-6, 2014 FINAL   Final Confirmation   Contact information: Megan Foster 936-827-0172 (text or call)   Christine Vosburgh 253-381-9416 (call) We are looking forward to a great trial!

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Litter Week 4

State of Shock…

First, I’d like to say Happy 2nd Birthday to little miss Shock. She’s the inspiration behind this post, and all the rambling that is may be the home to.   Shock was a well kept secret for everyone around me. I wanted another dog, just like Smack, so that I could have a second chance at all the things I …

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Online Learning Opportunities

If you went and checked out my Secrets to Synergy Online Forum, you noticed that I will be offering some online classes this summer. My handling class, Skills that Kill is open to ANY level of dog/handler team that can sequence 4-6 obstacles at a time on jumps and tunnels only. This class is on-going and billed monthly. No due …

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Keep Your Head Up

Wow, where can I even begin. Such an amazing 3 days in Tulsa, OK at the 2013 AKC National Agility Championship! So many incredible dog and handler teams conquering some really great courses. Congrats to all of the new Champions! I don’t think I’ve smiled so much at a National Event as this one. It was one of the best …

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Smack Slide2

Thoughts on International Challenges

As a competitor, I like to be challenged. I enjoy being pushed to the next level, and training a new skill to add to my handling system. I compete in agility to showcase my skills, to see that my preparations and training make a difference in mine and my dog’s performance. When I see a new course challenge with “international flair”, …

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