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Welcome to Synergy Dog Sports! "Working together to achieve a greater result."

Synergy: the working together of two things to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergos, meaning “working together”.

At Synergy Dog Sports, that is exactly what we strive to achieve: a greater result.
Agility is a team sport; a sport that showcases an unbreakable bond between human and canine. There is nothing more breathtaking to watch than a team completely in sync communicating gracefully and flawlessly on an agility course.
My goal is to use what you have: your body and mind combined with your dog’s body and mind and attain a magnificent connection on an agility course. Learning to use the four elements to their greatest capability, and combining them together as one, will create the desired effect.
Working together, through group classes, online learning, and one-on-one coaching, you can create and improve on the synergy you are dreaming of.

Online Learning

Synergy Dog Sports is an online community for agility training through Megan Foster. Enroll in online private lessons or send videos for analysis.

Current Classes

Current classes are being offered for all levels. Puppies 4 months and older are welcome! Classes are taught in Mt Vernon, Fun Fur Paws.

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Upcoming Seminars

Looking for a seminar in your area? Check out our list of upcoming seminars or get it touch to set up a seminar in your area.

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